November 22nd, 2009


He deserved that blowjob.

Now the dreaded holidays are coming closer and I guess Thanksgiving at my friend's place fell through, so I've kind of fallen into a shallow little hole of self-pity. Donut does a pretty good job of telling me to STFU and stop being an emofag, so I feel slightly better. He pointed out that family ties are there from the start and don't really take any effort to exist. Your family is there for you because they have to be, and even when they don't want to be, they have to "because you're family." No matter how much you want to get rid of them, you'll always have that relationship. Friends, on the other hand, are ties that you create yourself. These are ties that take a lot more work because they can be broken a lot more easily than those with family. Considering this definition, my friends should be much more important to me than my family, regardless of how good/shitty my family is, just because I maintain friendships by choice rather than by obligation.

Either way, I told my stepdad that I didn't want to see my mom and to just tell her that I'm not coming to Thanksgiving because I have to study for finals. Now I just need an excuse not to go home for Christmas.

On another note, I have one cousin on Facebook that I haven't blocked from my news feed. The other two are fucking idiots and I'm ashamed to be related to them. Apparently, she dreads holidays with our family as well. It's funny that one of the people that could actually understand me in my family is someone I never really saw growing up. However, I think that we may be too much alike to actually get along, especially in the fact that we're both full of ourselves and would probably spend a lot of time complaining/bragging to each other about how our family has wronged us. Plus, there's always the age gap and she's about 10 years older than I am so she might just shrug off any of my ideals as forms of hers that are completely convoluted by modern society. I wouldn't be surprised if she grouped me in with the rest of the camwhores and fucktards in my family.

On yet another note, my emo neighbor participates in Harry Potter LARPing. Super nerdy, but he makes a sexy Tom Riddle and has the convincing murderous look to boot.
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